Reword is a spoken-word and music project presented by Words Go Round (part of Singapore Writers Festival), Diamonds On The Street and Marc Nair.

Through this pilot collaboration, 7 at-risk youths crafted heartfelt pieces from their personal experiences, and learned more about themselves through the creative process of poetry and music. On 8 March 2016, they proudly performed their pieces at The Arts House. The private audience consisted of loved ones and close supporters — all bearing witness to the power of words and how it can be used to rewrite our personal narratives.

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Roses & Thorns

When all they think about is how I smile how I pout
In pictures, just to show, the world that I’m happy
They think I’m better then them, they’re hurt, angry
But little do they know, inside I am pleading

I am who I am, myself
A rose with thorns but still wonderful, beautiful
I am who I am, myself
A storm with rainbows, see me for who I am, beautiful

They say I’m mean because my heart’s a broken glass
I push back because I build my walls higher than anyone
Can fly, I shut them out, cuz they cut me short
So how can I say, I trust, I love, I need you all

Like a mimosa, I’m delicate and nice
Like a mimosa, touch me and I’ll hide

Just A Little More

Little girl, so terrified of the world
Same world that bruised her heart
Nowhere to run, but out in the rain,
As she runs, she hears the voices saying

Someday you’ll spread your wings and soar
Someday you’ll love yourself a little bit more
Don’t need a prince to save you, my dear
Just tell, yourself to breathe, out your fears

Nothing was better, despite the promises
Dark clouds kept chasing, fuelling fear
She breathed in courage, and with all her might
She started screaming against the coming night

Keep your chin up, princess,
Everyone has darker days
Cover your ears from things that people say
You don’t have to listen to them anyway

I Thank You For Me

You always aim to be your best
But you seem to forget
That the best ain’t everything
So quit comparing with the rest

At times you need a break
Learn to slow down
Don’t be so hard on yourself
You’ll end up losing all
So I will love you on this journey
And I thank you for me
I will love you on this journey
And I thank you for me

Always remember who you are
That’s all that really matters
Just be your own inspiration
and watch the walls shatter

Life’s wonderful up ahead
All you need to do is wait
Start believing that rainbows
Really do appear after rain

Dear Me

Life’s been useless, a dusty old chair
And it’s been up and down like a roller coaster
But there are days, when joy breaks the air
And I know you survived, you’re doing better

Soldier, you’ll never hide
From the enemy and shadows inside
It’s time to fight, for your own life
Embrace, face it, you are alive

You’ve been feeling, like a prisoner
No place to run, no peace inside
But stop living, off your emotions
Look around, your friends need a guide

You’re strong, you’ll complete the mission
Rock solid, just like titanium
Soldier, just keep up the fight,
You know you’ll be alright

Something To Say

I have never needed
Something that was better
I was just a traveller
In a lonely winter
But now I can see
Colours and emotions
A rainbow of colours
I’ll find something to remember

I have something to say
It’s hard to change your ways
Fighting this battle inside, but
But keep going, you’ll see the light

I have never loved you
Never thought about you
Through all those years
But now I’m here,
It’s something new,
Colours and emotions
Candies with different flavours
Can I find something to savour?

Never give up on yourself
You’re going to find what matters
You’re the architect of your own life
You’re building something better


You have come a long way
On this journey
Where the ending is unseen
And it’s hard to find a dream
Worth believing

But life will crawl on
Like a baby, new born
So just keep on,
And one day, you will learn
To walk

Life can be as painful
As a porcupine
The quills in your skin
Are hurting everything
That you believe in

Cause this is life
And you only have one shot
Cause this is life
And it’s all that you’ve got

Gonna Be OK

I know this year has been hard
We have been pulled, pulled apart
I’m like a fish out of sea
Separated from my family

Trust me
We’re gonna be ok
Like a young plant
reaching for the sun
We’re gonna be ok
You’re growing up
Into a tree
Every time I see
We’re gonna be ok

We have never been so far
Like a mother split from her child
Yet this bond we share is deep
As an ocean, wide as the sky

I just can’t wait to be back home
I’m a sailor who’s been out
At sea for too long, I’m stronger
Now, but I want to be with you