The Story

In 2011, singer-songwriter Crystal Goh had her eyes flung open to the necessity of hope. She had been singing publicly for a while, then, one day, she lost the ability to use her voice well.

It was a singer’s nightmare. The doctors did not have a cure for it. One of the doctors diagnosed it as Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Months went by. She struggled with everyday tasks like carrying out a normal conversation, making her order in a noisy hawker centre, and being heard in a work meeting.

Crystal believes she can recover. While on the journey towards it, she has found companionship in friends who have also been suffering.

They made up their minds to fight their predators with an undying vision of hope, beauty, faith, love, a rainbow and a smile. They decided to celebrate the good stuff that come out of overcoming adversities and to spread that hope to others who think they are alone.

Diamonds on the Street was borne from this vision. Welcome on board!