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We live to connect: a handmade Twitter board

By July 15, 2013 Communities No Comments

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We live to connect.

Upon our second visit, we noticed a whiteboard tucked against a wall with scribblings that resembled a curiously familiar phenomena—a social space where people shared their thoughts through keywords and succinct sentences… it was a handmade Twitter board! Here was a carefully created “virtual” universe with hand-drawn details: Home, Connect and Log Out buttons, complete with a Tap to Refresh bar.

The board was designed to function like how one would communicate when we were far apart. Here, the girls were living together physically, yet they were simulating a communicative virtual universe. Perhaps it is one of the many creations the girls have devised, in which they can strengthen their emotional connection while adapting current tools into their environment.

The way we choose to connect with each other is often as revealing as the words we say.

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