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Going into the recording studio – next week!

The girls are really excited to go into the studio. But first, they have to get over the constant ticking sound from the metronome!

The girls are really excited to visit the studio. But first, they have to get over the constant ticking sound of the metronome… Photo credit: TOM81115. License: Flickr (cc by-nc-sa 2.0).

We began our music and storytelling workshops with Residence@St George’s (RSG) on 1 July, introducing the song S-M-I-L-E to the girls of the home, which we will be collaborating on together.

Over the past few weeks, the nine girls have been learning the rhythm and also modifying the lyrics to the song.

Then, all too quickly,  it’s the end of July, which means studio recording time!

We panicked a little. We’ve been having so much fun bonding, doing a jam session and basically getting to know everyone.

But now, we have to shift gears a little to make sure we get the girls’ vocals right. This means… Discipline! Focus! Practice!

Last week, music trainers Clara and Eugene trained the girls to perfect their pitch, pronunciation and voice projection.

We’ve also chosen two lead singers, L and N, to helm S-M-I-L-E. We’ll reveal their identities a little later when we’ve gotten all the permission documents done, but L and N are two really talented girls!

L is gifted with a really angelic voice.

N is good at writing and practically rewrote the entire first verse of S-M-I-L-E. Naturally, we wanted her to sing it too!

Meanwhile, some of the other girls have been engaged in reworking different parts of the song for the live performance in December (it’s a surprise for now, but hints include whistling and a rap!).

As the recording process has some constraints in accommodating too many antics, most of the fun bits are going into the performance. We’re excited about that!

We have one last practice for S-M-I-L-E next Monday, then we’re heading to Canticle Music Studio on Wednesday. Fingers crossed we’ll all be S-M-I-L-I-N-G after the hard work!

Once this recording is done, we’ll be working on the next song, which the girls will modify entirely. We’re making things more and more challenging each time. We realised the girls are really gifted, so it’ll be great to see more of their talents flourish through Diamonds on the Street.

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